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The Plank Helper isolates, stimulates and intensifies the upper, middle, and lower abdominal muscles in a single workout! 


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Ready Set Plank
Ready Set Plank

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The Plank Helper is designed to help individuals with limited upper body strength. It supports the upper body which allows a person to concentrate on their abdominal muscles while maintaining proper plank form.


The Plank Helper workouts improves core stability and strength while strengthening the lower back!

A Word from Our Customers

"Easy to use and easy to learn how to properly implement it into daily routine" -Paula 

"The first time I used the plank helper, I was stunned by how strongly it isolates my core. I have struggled in the past doing regular planks with my arms due to a lingering shoulder issue. But with the plank helper, that is no longer an issue. PLUS, it actually allows me to perform some external rotation exercises FOR my shoulder WHILE using the plank helper. Now, I am able to maximize my core workout at the same time, all thanks to the plank helper." -Mike

"It is more helpful to help those who need more help" -25 year old customer 

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